Some thoughts?

We're off to Vegas, then Arizona, and then St. George for this memorial day weekend.
Betta get some real heat.

P.S. Blog post about the cool story behind this not-so-cool picture to come.

P.P.S In my classes today, we did the coolest Cold War object lesson.
I'm pretty proud. Can I say that?
I'll blog about that later, too.
Also. This was the last full week of school.
I am getting strangely sentimental and really depressed.
I truly love my students and the chemistry we have.

P.P.P.S. Ready to judge me?
I totally gave a student my debit card today to go get me a McFlurry at lunch. Ha!
Don't worry. I trusted him.
Plus, who cares if a student empties your bank account if you get a McFlurry in the end? That makes it all worth it. Right? mmhmm.

Right now I'm really obsessed over all of my students.
I think it's finally hit me that it's almost over, and we won't be together anymore!
My students are seriously my favorite things in the world.

Time to hurry home so we can drive all night.
Good thing it's with my bestest friend ;)

I'm in a weird mood.

peace out, utah.

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  1. that is very trusting of you to give your card to a student haha. but in high school, my teacher used to have me get her lunch all the time. but she always gave me cash haha