Admitting it?

Taylor has been telling me since we dated that he's positive I'm lactose intolerant.
I always have stomach pains and issues.
But I blame it on some health issues I had my senior year of high school.
Every time Taylor brings up the lactose solution, I vehemently deny it.
I can't begin to tell you how much I love milk.
I go through two gallons (on my own) a week!

The other night, I had an in-n-out milkshake...one of my very favorites.
About an hour after the milkshake, the stomach crampings hit.
And for the first time, I secretly started to admit (to myself, of course) that maybe, just maybe, I really am lactose intolerant.
I cried for a few hours...
kidding--but I felt like crying.

As we were lying in bed that night, I said to Taylor, "I'm going to tell you something.  But I don't want any "I told you so's."  In fact, I want you to pretend that you've never ever heard this."
Taylor looked at me skeptical (p.s. I first typed that word as spectical, and couldn't figure out why it was spelled wrong. uh...hi dislexic brain), and hesitantly agreed.
After a long pause (have I mentioned that I hate being wrong?), I slowly said, "I think...maybe I'm lactose intolerant..."
I waited for the "A-HA!" or the "So you're finally admitting it?"
But instead he said, "Really? Lactose? I wouldn't have guessed that.  Are you sure?  How do you know? Let's not jump to conclusions."

And then, we both sat there and laughed...even while I complained about my stomach cramps.

Okay..see why Taylor is my favorite person ever?

Well I'm off to have a glass of milk!
...no, seriously.
I have a problem!

p.s. found this blog today. I laughed out loud a few times. She's funny!
p.p.s. found this article today--too too funny, folks.

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  1. HA! I think we have all told you that! Did you know it's hereditary? PS For some women lactose intolerance goes away while pregnant or breastfeeding. Mine stopped when I got pregnant with Jack and I just barely had my very first stomach cramps since last week! So...pregnancy? :] PPS I feel your pain. I forgot how much the cramps hurt :[