a 10 year plan

Taylor wrote a pretty detailed 10 year plan yesterday.
It included personal plans for him, plans for him+me, and plans for our future family.
While I was reading it I had so many emotions:
I was excited
I wanted time to just speed up so we could experience everything!
But at the same time...
I was scared
I was anxious
I wanted time to stop and slow-down...we're going to be PARENTS in 10 years??
(...well duh, I've always known that.  But for some reason, seeing it written down, with a date next to it, and hopeful names next to it...it seemed so much more REAL)
But mostly, mostly I was just filled with immense happiness and love for the life that this man and I have. And for the life that we will have.
The life before us that I know will be filled with trials, misfortunes, and heartache.
But I also know that it will be filled with strength, faith, love, happiness, and laughter.

I would share the full 10-year plan.
But there's some things on there I should keep a secret until they actually happen.
So, if I'm still blogging in 10 years, and you're still reading in 10 years, I guess we'll find it all out together!

Life...you're so awesome!


  1. You seriously are going to leave me hanging like that?! I need to see this 10 year plan!!

  2. hey it was fun meeting you tonight! and im impressed you have a ten year plan.. i barely have a 2 year plan so props to you!