I thought I taught high school...

Today I have had
1. to clean up boogers on a desk (no, seriously)
2. A student throwing up in class
3. A student throwing a fit (like a SERIOUS fit) over having homework (uh...you've had 11 years of homework...is this really anything new?)
4. to clean up gum smeared on a desk
(see here for another time I had to do this)

I don't teach elementary school for a reason:
I don't do tears, or boogers, or messes, or whining.
And plus, I'm far from being crafty enough to teach littles.
Ask me to cut a paper snowflake?
I'll end up with scraps of paper and a bloody finger from cutting my hand instead of the paper.

Oh, but hey.
I'm learning more and more everyday, that my high school students are nothing but taller, bigger, and whinier elementary school kids.


Where is the weekend?

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