I love you, Sunday. And I love you too, SPRING!

Taylor went to a scout campout on Friday night, and didn't return until late Saturday.
I used the time alone to work on some videos waiting to be finished (aka the cruise video I just posted) and to deep clean the house.
But I was sooo ready for my Mr. to come home.

I made him take a picture with me in his rush to leave.

When he finally did come home, we made a late night trip to get some ice cream, milk, and cereal (our food staples...ha) and then cuddled up to 500 days of Summer. 
That movie was seriously depressing. But we still enjoyed it immensely.

So our weekend together mostly consisted of Sunday.
And boy, did we take advantage of the Spring weather!
SO exciting! Especially since last week it SNOWED!

I had to document the fact that for the first time (in probably our whole marriage) I was ready for church FIRST on Sunday morning!

Since there are now three wards meeting in our building, our bishop has asked us to walk to church to conserve parking.
It's never a far walk when you live in Utah. haha
But we gladly took advantage of the warm air and walked to church.
We actually left a little late (since Tay took so long getting ready ;)), and so Taylor briskly walked while I literally ran beside him.  His legs are so long!
But our walk home was much more relaxing!

Tay and I spent the evening laying in twin hammocks and reading good books.
Ah--spring. I just am in love with you!
 Look at those tulips!

This was my view as I laid on the hammock.  It was so beautiful!

I love relaxing Sundays.
Summer...I can smell you.
Boating...I can feel you.
I am dying for the season Tay and I LIVE for!
It's within reach!

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