maybe I'm an immature teacher?

When I pull down my projector screen, it swings back and forth a few times.
The last few days, the chains holding up the projector have been squeaking while they swing.
It sounds exactly like bed springs.
And with hormonal immature teenagers in the room, you can imagine what their mind immediately jumps too.
I didn't notice "the connection" until I saw the muffled giggles of the students.
And then...I couldn't help but die of laughter.
Which made the students laugh even harder.
It is dead-on.
I almost want to record it and put it on here.
But I won't be that immature.

And with each new class (that has yet to hear the new squeaking of the projector screen), I tell myself that I won't laugh when I pull it down and it starts to squeak (there's no preventing it).
Instead, I tell myself that I will scold them for being immature.
But every time...as I try to put on my "I'm really mad at you because you guys are so immature" face, I just start laughing.
Oh geez...help us.
We need summer.


  1. haha thats great. i catch myself laughing really immaturely at work. so i know how you feel. there is a name of a store we work with that cracks me up everytime i hear it. i wont put it on your blog. but trust me.. its not a good name for a furniture store. love your blog :) super cute.

  2. Okay this is hilarious! And I can totally relate to you! There are so many times that there is something said or done that could be taken inappropriately and I just try as hard as I can to bite my tongue. The problem is if I allow it at all in my classroom they always take it way too far. They have no idea where the line is. Oh teenagers!