Getting a little religious here...

At 10:45 last night, I woke up to my phone ringing.
It was Taylor calling me on his way home from playing basketball.
He told me that he needed my help pulling his truck.
His truck has been sitting in the parking lot of his work for the last week.
It broke down...again.
A couple of nights ago, the two of us pushed that dang truck so that Tay could try to get the clutch to catch.
It must have been a pretty funny scene to watch.
We gave up after a few tries--my weak body couldn't take too much more.

Taylor got a call from the police yesterday warning him that they would tow his truck if he didn't move it.  Ha!
When he told me he needed my help, I wasn't the most enthusiastic volunteer.
I grumbled about having to get out of bed, and that it was too late, and that I had to get up early in the morning.
Even though I knew I would get up to help him, I wasn't making it easy.
And I made the poor boy feel guilty--he apologized over and over again, and told me he could figure it out on his own if I was too tired.
But we both knew that he needed another person. 
So that wasn't really an option.
I very unwillingly crawled out of bed, pulled a sweatshirt over my head, and grumbled the entire time.
When Taylor walked through the door, I asked him about the call from the police.
As soon as he said that the police had called him earlier that afternoon, I became upset all over again.
"You've known since this afternoon that you needed help with your truck, and you waited until 10:45pm to tell me!?"
But after seeing his reaction, I immediately regretted my sour attitude.
I could tell how bad he felt about waking me up--why did I have to keep pushing it and make it worse?
So I quickly apologized and blamed my grumpiness on being so tired.

As we walked out to the car, Taylor promised me I would be back in bed in 10 minutes tops.
It was 10:51.
I laughed at him, and told him there was no possible way.
We pulled up to the dark parking lot where the lone truck sat.
And, what do you know?
Without having to do a thing, the truck started right up.
I swear, the heavens part for that boy whenever he has a deal to live up to.

When we pulled back up to our house (it was 10:59), Taylor ran over to my car door, opened it, and said (with his cute little half smile), "Just wanna say...eight minutes."
Oh...that boy.

On the drive home, I realized something that made my little heart fill with guilty feelings:
Earlier that evening, I went to a blog roundtable in Provo.
I have been having issues with the wifi on my macbook, and of course, my wifi would NOT connect to the internet there.
I texted Taylor and complained about my dumb wifi.
And he immediately offered to drive the 15 minutes to bring me his own mac.
And that selfless man dropped everything he was doing (he arrived in record speed), and brought me his laptop so that I could enjoy my night.

And just hours later, when he asked for help, I was a complete grump about it.
When he had willingly offered me help earlier that night.
Needless to say, I felt pretty worthless after coming to that realization.
And you know what else I realized?
He didn't throw it in my face.
He didn't remind me that he had come to my rescue that same night, when I was so unwilling to come to his.

While realizing all of this, I instantly thought of the comparison to our Heavenly Father.
Who is constantly offering help.
Who is constantly blessing my life.
Without me even asking.
Without me even noticing. 

And when He asks something of me (to go visiting teaching, to serve someone in need, to pray more, to read my scriptures more, to share my testimony with others), how quick am I to willingly volunteer?
Or do I slowly crawl "out of bed" grumbling the entire time?
How often do I complain that it's too late, that I didn't get enough "warning time," or that I'm too tired?
And even as I grumble and complain about how doing these things is making my life too hard, He continues to bless me.
He doesn't throw everything he did for me back in my face.
He doesn't ask me why I'm so unwilling to do the things He asks but then expect Him to help me whenever I need it.
He continues to bless me. 
Because He loves me.

And thank goodness He loves me enough to send me a wonderful husband who also loves me.
I think it's safe to say that I'm feeling pretty humbled today.


  1. It is the little things right? What matters is that you noticed it! How many times do people miss out on those little life lessons? We have all been guilty of it. Sounds like you have yourself a great husband :)

  2. P.S. you live in provo?! lets hang out :)!!!

  3. Thanks, Alycia! We live in Orem...but that's close enough! We definitely should hang out!