because we like to be spontaneous

Last weekend, we had dinner with a couple of couples ;)
(thanks for the picture, Maddie! ;))

After dinner, while walking out to our cars, Taylor invited the Mckees to go camping with us the following weekend.
With which Maddie responded, "Let's just go right now!"
And so...we did.
By the time we got everything thrown in the car, it was 10pm.
our eagle scout husbands can set up a tent in the dark, right? ;)

We drove all of the way up the canyon to a popular camping site, only to find out that they haven't opened it for camping season yet.
Off to attempt #2.
This one had a $15 camping fee.
And there were signs posted everywhere warning campers to find the camp host before setting up camp.
But we couldn't find that dang camp host anywhere!
(he was probably sleeping...ha)
Maddie and I wanted to set up the tent anyway and find him in the morning.
But our husbands are too good--they didn't want to stay without paying.

By this point, it was near 11pm.
So...we may or may not have ended up camped out in Maddie's parents' backyard.
I guess that's what happens when you try to be spontaneous.

But for the sake of the story--let's pretend we successfully made it to the woods.

We were full of sugar, laughs, and good times.
Seriously--we were all laughing the entire night.
For more pictures, see Maddie's post.

Here's to a real campout real soon! ;)

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