Back to School

On Monday, I start orientation for teaching.
The students start the following Monday, the 27th.
Am I nervous?
You bet.
Am I overwhelmed?
You bet.
Am I stressed?
You bet.
Am I excited?
You better believe it!

Last night, I had a small emotional breakdown.  I am so overwhelmed with everything that I want to have done before school starts.
Thank goodness for my sweet husband during times like this.
Who held me while I cried and didn't stop holding me until he had successfully put a smile on my face.
When I wanted to keep preparing and planning through the late hours of the night, Taylor played the "Dad role" and set a 30 minute timer.  He told me that I had to be in bed by the time that timer went off.  
Thank goodness he listens when my body is pleading for sleep, because I often ignore the pleadings completely when I have a "To-Do List."
Have I mentioned how grateful I am for Taylor? So grateful.
I am starting to realize that I will forever be indebted to this wonderful man.

Back to School isn't all bad though...because Back to School also means Back to School SHOPPING!
Growing up, we always got a few new outfits, maybe a backpack, and a new pair of shoes before the first day of school.  And now that I have a "first day of school" all over again, I decided that I once again qualify for back to school shopping!

Marci and I went shopping earlier this week, and I found a few gems.

Notice the jewelry galore.  That was mostly what I was looking for, since my wardrobe is already significant. Ha
I was also looking for some more slacks/dress pants.  But I always have the hardest time finding any that fit me.  They usually need to be hemmed (which isn't a big deal), but they are also usually so baggy in the thighs.  Dress pants are meant to be flowy, but when you're 5'1" and have miniature thighs like I do, the flowy pants look more like a trash bag than anything else.  Awesome.
So I didn't have any luck finding pants this go around.
But then, a few days later, I went to D.I. to find a globe, and I noticed racks upon racks of dress pants.  So I decided to give it a shot.  And I left the store with 3 darling dress pants that fit me perfectly! Some other shorty out there had already had them hemmed to perfection!  They are in mint condition, and to top it off, I left the store with 3 dress pants and a skirt for $22!  Why am I not shopping there everyday?
Love me a good deal.

Oh, and we can't forget the new sperrys that should be coming in the mail today :)

My sweet mother-in-law saw this lunchbag in the store and got it for me!  It's even insulated on the inside!  Isn't it darling?
This is Taylor's favorite corner of the house....not.  All of my school supplies/decorations ready to go into my new classroom!
These colored felt pens are easily my favorite purchase.

Alright, enough procrastinating.  Time to start planning some more. 
Back to school I go!


  1. Kelli you are just darling! I love reading your blog. Good luck on your first day! I'm sure it will be just marvelous!

    1. Ah, you are so sweet! I love following yours as well! ;)