Over the weekend, Taylor and I were able to go with my family to the Manti Temple.
The drive through the canyons was absolutely beautiful.
But still nothing compared to the beauty of the temple...both inside and out.
It was the 3rd temple built!  Built back in 1888.

We were even lucky enough to be able to go look at the spiral staircase inside.
There are only three staircases like it in the world. And two are inside this temple!
Engineers today can't figure out how the stairs were made (they are very intricate with hardly any support). They were absolutely breath-taking!

Man alive...look at this beautiful building!

We were trying to figure out how tall the doors were, so my dad made Tay go stand next to them ;)

The clouds were amazing! And the whole day was lovely.
We had such a fun time with my family this past week.
I wish I had taken more photos of the gang together...oh well.
Memories will have to suffice. :)

(to learn more about why we have temples, take a look at this video.)

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