Happy birthday...kind of.

Last Wednesday was Taylor's 23rd birthday!
But, since I was at girls camp, we celebrated it two days early.
(How much of a bummer that I missed his first birthday as a married couple?)
I told Taylor that I would be thinking about him all day on his actual birthday.
I didn't even have phone service to wish him a happy birthday.
But I wished him happy birthday lots of times in my head. :)

To make myself feel better for missing his birthday, I told Taylor that I was going to pretend in my head that the day we celebrated was his actual birthday.
I greeted him in the morning with a "Good morning, birthday boy!"
And called him that multiple times throughout the day.
I even sang "Happy Birthday" to him over and over.
Taylor would always respond with "kind of."
For example:

Me: "Good morning, birthday boy!"
Taylor: "Kind of."
Me: "Happy birthday!"
Taylor: "Thanks...kind of."
Me: "Today is your birthday! Yay!"
Taylor: "Kind of."
Me: "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Taylor! Happy birthday to you!"
Taylor: "Kind of."

It kind of just became the running joke for the day. He'd put on his sly side-smile every time he'd respond with his "kind of."  Thank goodness that my sweet husband was so patient with me and my silly ways.

Here's the nerd in me: It is always so hard for me to keep gifts a secret. After buying his gifts, I would tell him over and over again how excited I was for him to open them. Then I would tell him what his presents were in a gibberish/mumbled tone so that he couldn't understand. For some reason, it made keeping the secret easier. ;) I was sooo excited for him to finally open his gifts!

Here are some pictures of our "kind of" celebration:
The "kind of" birthday boy with his presents ;)

His new spiffy sports coat :)

Keeping with tradition. Every year on his birthday, I make him a photo book of the things I'll always remember from the past year.  The first year I made it for him, he asked me to make one every year, because he loved it so much. :)

Happy birthday (kind of) to my wonderful husband, my very best friend, and the man of my dreams.
I am so lucky to be spending this life with you.
I love you!

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