Wednesday night love and a splendid Thursday morning

Last night, the sibs and I went to Cory and Kirsten's wedding reception.
(We grew up with Cory in Sacramento)
And my goodness, this reception was beautiful!
And the couple was glowing with love.

Have you ever met a couple and just thought, "Oh my, they are absolutely perfect for each other!"
Well, that was what was on my mind the whole night.
And I'm sure it was on everyone else's too.
They are each other's match. No doubt about it!

I love weddings. I love happiness. I love love.

And here's the happy couple:

My good friends from high school, Anja (sister of the groom) and Danni, came out for the wedding. It was SO fun seeing them. Love these girls!
Here's Dan holding baby Jack. Anja was making a face to show how she feels about babies...but my phone camera didn't capture it too well :/
 The whole night felt like a small Sacramento reunion
I loved every second!

And Wednesday night turned into an awesome Thursday morning.
After my morning run, I got to come home to this sweet babe:
M, T & J spent the night last night since they are all moved out of their apartment and off to California in just a few short days.  I loved holding the babes this morning and watching his funny little movements. I am going to miss little J so much!

Then, I treated myself to this:
A double chocolatey chip! My very favorite.

Dear Thursday:
You've started out great. 
And I know you will end great.
Because you and I will be at H&M tonight.
Enough said.

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