Moments you can't explain

Let me tell you a story:

Last week I called the government teacher that used to work at the high school I work at now (the teacher I replaced).
I heard she was awesome, and as a first year teacher, I was dying for some excellent ideas.
And boy..."awesome" was an understatement.
She gave me SO many great ideas.
I scribbled profusely on a small little index card (the only thing close enough to write on) as she explained all of her ideas in detail over the phone.
After the phone conservation, I typed everything up, while it was still fresh in my mind.
I had two typed pages FULL of her awesome ideas.

And to go even further to show how incredible this stranger was:
the very next morning, another teacher brought me a folder of papers.
She said, "Mrs. O told me she talked to you on the phone last night, and she wanted to give you these."
Copies of everything!
It was better than Christmas!

So anyways...I realized today, that I never saved that document of all of the ideas.
Yes, I had the copies for about 1/2 of the activities she told me about, and could probably remember more if I tried really hard, but I knew I was still forgetting a lot of what she told me.
And I was soooo bummed.
About five minutes ago, I told Taylor what I discovered today: that I never saved that document of ideas.
He mourned with me for a minute over it.

Anyways, so a few minutes goes by, and my computer dies. 0% battery. Whoops.
So I plug it in, and turn it back on.
And...what the heck!?
THAT DOCUMENT somehow loads onto the screen.
Nothing else.
Just that.
Completely random!
I stared at disbelief at the screen and just kept saying, "No...no way...."
I had JUST finished telling Taylor that it was gone for good! Literally minutes before!
Then I did a little happy dance--but stopped suddenly in the middle of the dance to run back to my computer and SAVE the dang document!

I can't even explain how this happened.
There is probably some technological-mac answer.
But...here's my explanation:
One of my students told me I sucked today (awesome, right?).
I think this was God telling me, "Hey Kel?  You don't suck. Here's that lost document."

I'm going to bed with a happy little heart.

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  1. I think you the opposite of suck...You are pretty much amazing and incredibly brave. Teaching that first year is scary and hard. I can't even imagine teaching high school kids..you're the coolest...I mean seriously, you created the world! :)