The Mint Milano Story

Have you ever had these before?

mmm...I absolutely love these cookies.
I lived on them while I was in college. so YUM!
Well let me tell you the story of how I got lucky enough to eat these last week:
When my family was in town, we all decided to go to the BYU creamery for some delicious ice cream.
While there, I saw the milano cookies, and was telling my mom about how those cookies used to be  my everyday meal.
(she's never had them before! I almost died!)
I was telling her how yummy they were, and how her life would never be complete until she tried one.
Well, about ten minutes goes by, and the conversation subject has shifted to something else.
The next thing I know, my dear husband walks around the corner, mint milano cookies (and receipt of purchase) in hand.
He wasn't even part of the conversation! But he overheard us talking, and without saying a word he decided to go buy those cookies for me, right then and there. 
Don't I have the sweetest guy in the world?
I just love him!
...and my stomach loves him too. ;)
That's the kind of person my husband is.  Always surprising me in the littlest and sweetest ways.

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