My sister Marci is officially moved back to Sacramento.
I said goodbye to her on Tuesday night.  
That was a tearful goodbye.
As I cried a little in bed that night, I was reminded of another night, almost exactly five years ago, when I cried in bed over missing my big sister.
That was the night Marci left for BYU.
Marci and I were inseparable in high school.
When she left for college, it was so hard for me.

Then, two years later, when I moved out to Utah, we got to live in the same state again!
Ever since I moved to Utah, Marci has been here with me.
She took such good care of me, and always looked out for me.

I'll miss all of our many sister outings:
glitter toes, shopping, frozen yogurt, parade of homes, and so many more!

I am going to stop typing before I get too emotional all over again.
Let's end this post with some pictures taken throughout the years:

Thanks for everything, M.
Already miss you, Tom, and Baby J.

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  1. this is such a sweet post! you made me cry!
    we miss you too!
    and also, i love that picture from your wedding. i don't think i've ever seen it.