Wing Tuesday

I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now:

A few weeks ago, the sibs and I went to the best wing place.
And we went on .50 cent Tuesday, which made it even better.
I was sad Taylor couldn't join us, because wings are his favorite thing ever.
For awhile, we had a tradition of "wing Sunday."  Every Sunday for lunch, we would cook up some BBQ wings.
But, I got tired of that pretty quickly. Sorry, Tay. 

Anyways, this wing place was so yummy. 
I had so much fun spending the afternoon with my siblings.
I can't believe that Marci and Tom move back to California in just a few days. 
Ever since I've lived in Utah, they've lived here too.  It will be so weird without them!
More about that later though...

Here are some pictures of our wing Tuesday.
Here's M&T.  This was the weekend before little Jack was born!
Here's Rachel, my beautiful sister-in-law!
Wings galore!
Hair pulled back, and ready to go!
Okay...so these were everyone's bones...not just mine. But still...this face shows how I was feeling after 5 wings! (I have a little tummy!)
Boy, did I love that place.
And, there's nothing better than looking back on memories spent with family.

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