hippiest of all hippsters.

a conversation with my TA today made my day:
TA: "So, Mrs. Gilbert, do you like Orem High better or the school you used to teach at?"
Me: "Orem High rocks.  I love everything about it.   The only thing I miss about my old school is being in a hall with a bunch of other young teachers. We had so much fun together!"
TA: "Yeah, but since you're the only young teacher at Orem everyone knows who you are.  You're like the hip teacher. The hippest."
Me: "Well, I'm always doing my best do be the hippiest of all hippsters."
TA: "No, seriously! Like every student knows who you are. Especially the boys."

Haha! I guess that's what I get for being 10 years younger than the next youngest teacher.
But hey, thanks for the flattery.
I mean, I'm always looking for approval from the 16-year-olds of this world.
it's my number one goal. I shoot high, ya know?

because, like seriously, look how hip and cute I am
you can't make this stuff up.
either you've got the hipster in you or you don't.

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