of course.

this is my "I'm about to cry" face
also known as "I cried five minutes ago" face.
also known as "not so attractive" face.

I was having a great day, until about five minutes ago.
I got an email telling all teachers that parent-teacher-conferences would be on the 20th.
you know what's also on the 20th?
a pre-showing of Catching Fire (hunger games) that Taylor and I have tickets for.
how do I ask my principal, "Um, boss? I really can't stay after school to meet parents because I want to go see a movie!"
I have been counting down to this day.
ugh, I am so annoyed right now.
just so so so so bummed.

good thing we also have tickets for a thanksgiving day showing.
still...not the same.
Yes, I'm mad today. over movie tickets.

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