michael buble concert!

Last night, I got to cross off a bucket list item of over eight years!

The greatest dad-in-law in the world got tickets for me and my sister-in-law.
We had SO much fun.
I may or may not have cried when he came out. 
We were dying.

Taylor even gave me permission to "kiss him hard" if I got the chance.
Taylor knows how in love with him I am...I swear when Michael was singing his "I just haven't met you yet" he was singing right to me. ;) 
But seriously, I'm in love with him.

Unfortunately, the chance to kiss him never came...or it would have been the first thing I said in this post.
I'll wait until next time for that kissy kiss.
Can I get permission again, Tay? ;)

My heart is still so happy.

 ^I just love him^

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