Friday tangents

 ^^see the cap?  When I took it off of my odawalla juice, the juice made a perfect heart inside the cap! I freaked out and showed my students because it's just cool.  I told Taylor it was a sign that we are truly in love. haha

 ^^I have the best mom-in-law of all moms-in-law.  Homemade bread with homemade honey butter? umm, yes please. I love her yummy treats!

 ^^the time has finally come in my running career when I have sacrificed fashion for comfort.  I got personally fitted for the best running shoe for my running style and feet.  And...they are hideous shoes...for quite a pretty penny.  But man! I could feel the difference right away.  It's christmas for my feet--just not for the eyes. Ohhhh welll. At least I will no longer have bloody toes!

^^because who doesn't deserve a giant ice cream cone after a seven mile run?
p.s. I'm so sorry that so many posts have been about running lately.
even so, I would like to brag about me and my cute running buddy.
We ran 7 miles in 50 minutes last night! That's an average of 7min and 14sec a mile!
We are pretty dang proud.

In just a few hours, Taylor and I are off to Park City for the weekend with our best friends:
i'm so excited I can't stand it.
The four of us are going to be little party animals tonight!

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