just a cool weekend, nbd.

We seriously had the greatest of all great weekends.
You know one of those days where you are loving everything about what you are doing right now but can't even wait for the next thing to start in a few hours?
did that sentence make sense? ha.
well, it felt like that.
EVERYthing was so fun.

Tay and I aren't huge movie-theater-goers. 
except for when it's like a must see--you know, hunger games, toy story 3 (still the best movie ever), the help, lincoln (okay, the last two were must-sees for me, not for tay. but now he loves them both).
but somehow, this weekend, we ended up at the theaters twice.
taylor bought tickets to see "the city of bones" last minute on friday night.
It was ehh, alright.
Entertaining, but kind of cheesy.
We went with my brother and sister in law.
Ryan and I took this hideously horrible picture at the theater to send it to the rest of the davis sibs--you know, to make them jealous of how hot we are.

Saturday was the best day.
I'm still training for my thanksgiving half marathon, so on Saturday morning, I went out and ran an easy six. Next saturday is a nine. ugh. haha
But I had the best thing to look forward to afterwards--an hour massage.
thanks to the best dad-in-law in town.
like seriously? he's the best. just called me into his office (I thought I was in trouble? haha) and asked me what time on saturday I wanted an hour massage. PURE HAPPINESS.

did I take a picture in the massage room?
yep, totally guilty. totes.

Then, Taylor, Seth (tay's brother...single ladies..who wants him? he's the cutest, funniest, and best!), and I went to an afternoon showing of Ender's Game. SO good.
And Bean looks JUST like a mexican version of my little brother. and ironic because his name is bean? ...it was funny in my head.  

After that, the Mr. and I met up with our best friends--the Mckees.
We went up to Sundance to ride the moonlift. 

(oh don't worry, just us and our asian eyes)

So...funny story.
At the beginning of the season, Taylor begged me not to do any "haunted houses/mansions/forests/mazes/anything"
He was very specific.
I think he made a list? ha.
We went to a bunch last year, and as much as I love my tall, strong husband, he is an absolute WHIMP.
And always, always made me go first. 
What's the fun in that? Isn't the girl supposed to hang onto the handsome man through the haunted stuff?
Since he was such a (semi) good sport last year, I agreed. No haunted attractions this year.
Liiiitttle did I know (I swear!), that the moonlift was a haunted moonlift in honor of Halloween.
At first, we just thought it was all cute and decorated...and then, people started jumping out, and banging shovels on our skilift. ha!
Our poor husbands were on the ends and were cursing us little wives the whole time.
They were positive we planned it.
Jordan even had his legs curled up in indian-style so that no one could touch them. ha!
It was possibly the funniest thing ever.
and they're still not over it. see?
(JM=Jordan, T=my tayray)

Afterwards, we went to the cutest hot chocolate dessert shop.

Hanging out with these two makes me SO happy.
We want to be neighbors and are plotting to make it happen.
They are US squared.

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