gatorade and bucket lists

 My good pal Jadey and I are training for our half marathon.
Last night, on about mile five, we started talking about how good a Gatorade sounded.
then we couldn't stop thinking or talking about Gatorades for the next two miles. ha
So the first thing we did when we finished our run, was "run" over to target and buy some.
aaand...we stalked up for future runs. 
Then, to procrastinate our squat challenge (we are going to have awesome butts. I'll post a before and after picture. ha NOT) and other stretches, we took pictures with our gatorade.
don't mention it...we know how hot we are.
 ^^doesn't my leg look unattached?? ha^^

I guess this is how you know when you've ran a good run:
yep, that's blood.
my toenails were a little too long. 
how gross is that!?
it looks like I'm pretty hard-core though...don't worry, I'm really not.

three weeks to go until we get to bucket list this item!
we're thinking of signing up for one in January, too.
Who's in?
we'll share our gatorade...

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