this little piggy is proud.

I'm proud of three things today:

#1. this little gig from last night!
the longest I've ever ran before!
say whaaaa? 

#2. I slept in a house all by myself last night and didn't cry once!
like...I wasn't even scared!
this is big people--I'm growing up!
(p.s. taylor's on a business trip--he didn't high up and leave or anything ;))

#3. this little baby
this week's posts have really put me up there on the hot scale:
bloody feet
hipster faces
and ugly braids.
geesh. I'm killing it, I know.


  1. You are soooo pretty and high five to the braid. Seriously impressed because I can't do a normal braid good.

  2. Hahaha I'm dying at your video. My favorite thing is that it's falling out throughout the whole video HAHAHA!! Keep practicing, you'll get it! Good job though for first time! Xoxo