Happy November!

I am obsessed with fall.
Like seriously.
So it makes sense that one of my favorite traditions is to go up through the beautiful canyon, with a beautiful man, and eat some yummy food.
Last year, we stopped at subway, got some sandwiches, and then ate up in the canyons.
We had so much fun, we decided to make it a tradition!
We probably went just a few weeks late this year for optimum leave colors...but hey, it was still pretty and it was still fun.
So here we are this year!
 ^that smile. that style. that guy.^

see here for last years excursion!
Can you believe it's NOVEMBER!?
I am too happy, too excited, too in love with my life.

Happenings in November:
1. training for my half marathon! running this year with the cutest girl around! 
2. a quick california trip for my beautiful cousin's wedding. mini family reunion? oh yeah! 
3. thanksgiving with the gilbies this year.
4. another trip to park city. say whaaa?
5. um, just pure beauty and happiness all around? sounds good to me!

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