I'm back from the grave...

Where have I been?
At least it feels like it.
I have had so much going on these past two weeks--but things have finally started calming down, and I'll be back to a regular blogging routine.

Where to start?
First--helloooo summer!
Mmm...I haven't had a break like this in years.
And I am SO excited.
No work? No school?
What will I do with my time?
swim, sun, boating, theme parks, shopping, sleeping, reading, running...
oh, life. We're really going to enjoy each other for the next 10 weeks.

I have so much to write about--especially the end of the school year.
But I get teary just thinking about it. 
Man, I love those students.
And I wish them nothing but happiness and success in their futures.
But let me leave all of that to its own blog post.
Coming this week.

First--let's start with why Taylor and I are currently sitting in a hotel in St. George with no clean underwear for tomorrow. ha!
Mr. Taylor and I drove up to St. George last night
(oh, p.s. did I mention summer welcomed itself by giving me the flu early Friday morning?  The car ride wasn't the most enjoyable, but I'm slowly feeling 100% again.  And I wasn't going to let no stupid flu keep me from our first summer adventure! ;)
I can't exactly say why we came up here--at least not yet. 
So I apologize in advance for some vagueness in this post. ;)

Tay and I stayed in a beautiful hotel last night, went to the yummiest breakfast, and then parted ways.
this here is the most FUN game to play while waiting for food to come out.
Oh and p.s. see Taylor's ring? Love that thing!

Taylor had to take care of some things while I sunbathed at the hotel pool.
Oh--did I mention it was 106 degrees today?
So by sunbathe I mean completely bake my skin to death.
Good thing I don't burn anymore--(which I don't know how to explain..? When I was little I burned like crazy, but for the past five years or so, I've been a tanning machine. Not complaining...ha)
Anyways, Taylor told me he would pick me back up around 2:00. 
3 hours of sun-time? mmm...couldn't ask for anything more heavenly. :)
It's like where's waldo--can you spot Taylor? ;)

Well, 2:00 came around...and then 2:30, and then 4:00.
Where in the world was he?
By this point, I was so sick of the heat, that I went inside and relaxed in the hotel lobby.
We had already checked out of our hotel, because we were planning to drive back home this afternoon, so the hotel lobby was my only indoor option.
Finally, Taylor called to tell me our car wasn't starting!
What!? UGH!
OF COURSE this would happen while we are out of town.
Keep in mind, this is a 2009 Civic--nothing too old school here.
I was so frustrated.  Between our two cars, we have been having car problems all over the place.
See here and here.

Luckily, Taylor was with some awesome people who helped him get it towed to an autoshop.
After a few more hours of waiting (can I tell you how bored I was?  If you're my instagram friend, I probably stalked all of your photos twice),  the awesome people who were with Taylor picked me up.
Okay--here's where you know there are some people who are just good.
After helping to get our car taken care of, and driving us around for awhile, these people gave us one of their cars to drive around town while we waited for our car to be fixed.
And by car, I mean an absolute beauty.
Taylor couldn't stop smiling as he drove this giant truck.

By this point, we decided we didn't want to drive the four hours home when we were both so exhausted.
Dad Gilbert was so helpful and booked another hotel for us for tonight.

After a long day, some extra cash spent, lots of waiting, and a lot of sweat (it's so dang hot!), we finally got our car back and are now relaxing in a nice cool hotel once again.
Even though our clothes will be nice and wrinkly tomorrow, I'm loving the extra night we have away from the world.

What a start to our summer!
Okay, after writing it out--it doesn't seem as crazy as it felt.
But I attest that it was one hot mess.
Thank goodness for so many good people who helped us out!

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