Just a few memories.

This morning I was going through some things in our bedroom when I found an old planner of mine.
I'm an avid planner writer.
I find a secret joy in checking off my to-do list items.
Want to know a secret?
Sometimes I'll write something on my list that I already completed, just so I get the satisfaction of checking it off. ha ;)

Anyways, I was looking through this planner, and I found something that made me smile.

Do you see it there? :)
Kind of hard to miss with the arrow I added. haha
This was our first real date.
Looking through this brought back all of the excitement of when we were first dating.
As we go forward in the planner there are lots of exclamation marks next to his name and then doodles. haha

Then I came across something that made me smile even bigger.
I'm also an avid journal writer (as I've mentioned before here).
One night while we were dating, he "stole" my journal and left a little surprise for me to find later that night.

(p.s. sorry about the black bar. I wanted to keep other names out--for privacy ;))
He is just too cute, isn't he?
I have no question at all of why I fell in love with Taylor so fast.  He was a very good woo-er. ;)

I've had so much fun spending my morning reminiscing.

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