Proposal Round 2

Late last night, Taylor asked me if I wanted to go on a drive with him.
We used to go on drives through the canyon all of the time when we were dating, so I jumped at his offer as soon as he asked.
After driving for a little while, Taylor pulled over.
We sat on the side of the road and talked for a little while.
Then Taylor reached his hand into his shirt pocket, pulled out a wooden ring, and said,
"Kelli Davis, will you go camping with me?"

Taylor and I have always thought it would be awesome to get wooden rings to wear when we go camping. 
And this sweet boy went out and made it happen. 
(he even remembered my ring size! ;)) 
It was such a cute moment.  I had so many butterflies.
I even got a sweet kiss when I said, "Yes!" :)
My husband is secretly the biggest romantic.  And I love it.

Aren't these awesome?

And here we are, excitedly showing them off.

I love my wooden ring. And I love my sweet husband. :)


  1. Kelli... Your blog is frequently adorable, but this story is the winner! That's so cute.

  2. Ah Megan, thanks! It was such a cute moment!

  3. Okay, this is the cutest FREAKING THING EVER! I love these :) now I want to come camping.