teachers can be kids sometimes too, right?

A few of my favorite teacher friends decided to hold an obstacle chair race during our 3rd period class today.
We set up an obstacle course, brought our classes out, and off we went!
Each of us had a student push us--and thanks to the wonderful student that pushed me, WE WON.
Maybe because I threatened to give him an F if we lost? ;)

The students LOVED it.
It was so fun to just relax with them today and not have to worry about the regular pressures (lessons, notes, hormones, tests, homework, management, attitudes...ugh)

This year was awesome.
I had to say goodbye to my all-time favorite class today.
I wish they knew how much I truly loved them all.

Yeah...it was pretty much the best.
Teachers can be fun sometimes, too!!

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun :)!! I went to school to be a teacher!