A carmex story.

I LOVE carmex.  Anyone with me on this one?
I buy a few tubes at a time, but they always end up lost--isn't this always the story with chapstick and such?
The other day, Taylor tossed a package to me and said, "This is for you. Enjoy."
I opened it up to find a WHOLE BOX of carmex!! 
I can't tell you how excited I was.
I didn't even know you could buy it in bulk! ha!
 I guess Taylor finally got sick of me constantly asking, "Hey, have you seen my carmex anywhere?"
OR he just really likes when my lips are nice and smooth ;)
I'm going with the latter.

So carmex lovers, if your husband hasn't surprised you with a box of carmex lately, at least now you know that you can buy it in BULK! How awesome is that!?

...I give it a month before all 20 are lost.
(or used. but most likely...lost)

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