The first week of summer

This week has been absolutely crazy!
On Monday I started on my long list of "things to do over the summer."
Don't be mistaken--this is not a fun list by any means.
It was all of the things that I just did not have time to do at the end of the school year.
And in the last two weeks, that list just grew and grew.
Let me give you an example of a few things that I accomplished this week:
clean out the fridge and freezer (which, by the way, when I cleaned out some tupperware leftovers hiding in the back and went through every single condiment that was expired, our fridge literally had six things left in it: cheese, BBQ sauce, tortillas, ketchup, an onion, and mustard...awesome. haha)
Quick pause for a funny story: It took me forever to clean out the fridge. And so I decided that I would wait to do the freezer the next day.  But as I'm in the middle of cleaning the fridge I hear a big BANG in the freezer that scared the bejeebies (how do you spell that?) out of me.  I was honestly a little scared to even open it.  As I slowly opened the freezer door, I saw what looked like a root-beer float EVERYWHERE.  I was sooo confused.  What in the world just happened?  And then I saw it.  An exploded coke-can that my dear sweet husband had put in the freezer the night before (to make it cold, of course) but had forgotten to actually take out. Awesome. Taylor walked in the door right as I was staring at the mess in disbelief.  He paused, laughed, and then asked, "You still love me, right?" And then backed slowly away as I came at him with my daggers.  Haha

Okay...back to the list!
deep clean my car
run errands (mostly returning things)
go to the bank to deposit...oh...you know, about $2,400 worth in checks. Don't ask why that went on the summer list.  Haha--seriously that's how busy I was!
get my wedding ring cleaned
grocery shop (yes, I even put this on the list of things to wait to do until summer started. which is why our fridge was so empty...haha)
deep clean the bathroom (this means cupboards, drawers, scrubbing all of the jacuzzi tub hose things--I don't know what they are called...?, and a serious sore back afterwards)
prepare for all of the school children I will tutor over the summer
I also got some important (aka not important at all) personal things done: a hair appointment to fix my dang roots, a summer pedicure, and a new set of eyelash extensions (my very favorite thing in the world...ha)

And that's not even everything I've accomplished this week.
I have been feeling quite productive.
I've been a running machine lately, too--really trying to push myself and go father than my regular 3-5 miles.
On Monday, I run 9 miles! I haven't done that in so long!
And I've ran 6 days a week for the past 3 weeks.
I'm coaching cross-country again this year, so I'm really feeling the pressure of getting ready for that.
Pretty proud of my efforts.

On top of all of that--I have a dirty little secret:
My goal this summer is to make Taylor fall in love with me being a stay-at-home housewife.  Not a stay -at-home mom...not quite ready for that.  But a stay-at-home housewife. ha! How awesome would that be?
I figure if I make him love it enough, he'll say, "You should just quit your job and do this forever!"
Except, in all truthfulness, I have mixed emotions about that because I really do love my job. haha
So, everyday when he comes home for five minutes in between work and school, I have a yummy hot lunch waiting for him to scarf down or take on the road.
And for not being a cook--I've been pretty impressed with myself.  These are real meals, people!
Then, I have dinner ready by the time he walks into the door.
Last night we had homemade PF Changs Mongolian Beef, and Mr. Taylor even said, "Kel, we need to have this on a weekly basis...it's delicious!"
That was big. Real big, folks.
For the first time in our whole marriage, I can say that I have cooked 5/5 days this week (lunch AND dinner!)

Even with all of the craziness, we have had some fun things going on too.
Mom and Dad Gilbert bought the whole family Jersey Boys tickets for Wednesday night.
It was so fun to be with the whole family.

Ready for this picture of Taylor?
Haha--just love this boy.

It's pretty frustrating when your husband ALWAYS dresses better than you.
He's way too trendy for me. haha
Pink shorts!

I also got a little bit of pool time this week and got to hang out with a few of my teacher friends last night.  

Alright, some real posts are in the future.
Sorry about being MIA...but does my productiveness count as a good excuse? :)

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