a perfect summer day

Let me tell you about one of the most perfect summer days so far.
First, the neighborhood kids and I went swimming.
I seriously love these kids.
I think it's safe to say that they're all my best friends. haha
I don't have any pictures of our swimming adventures--but we had SO much fun.

Then we decided to make some dessert crepes and enjoy them in the shade outside.
We were living the dream, I tell ya.

LOVE this kid!

After a fun time with my summer bffs, Tay and I played backyard badmitten that evening with some of our favorite friends.

And to top it ALL off, I finally convinced this cute guy to go running WITH me.
He only runs alone--but I finally, FINALLY won.
My short little legs really worked hard trying to keep up with his pace.
It was seriously so fun--the best six miles yet!

It's days like this that just make me giddy.
I love summer with my whole little heart--and these summer activities are my favorite memories.

Oh, did I mention my sisters (+ a cute little nephew) are visiting from California?
I am seriously in heaven! It has been THE BEST last few days with them.
More to come about all of our sister adventures!

Can't life just be like this forever?

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