We're growing up...

Convention is a blast.
And life has been so busy!

Tonight, Taylor and I got to go to the doTERRA Gala.
We got to dress up.
Taylor got a tux paid for by doTERRA. 
Because he was required to look extra spiffy.
And he looked mighty handsome.
More on that later...

Just one picture to keep folks happy throughout the busy weekend:

When I saw this picture, I immediately thought: "We look old."
Okay...not old. But grown up.
And that was a weird feeling.

But moments after taking this picture, we danced and partied like we were teenagers.
So maybe growing up isn't bad after all.

Now, I'm playing the waiting game for my handsome man (who is an awesome dancer by the way).
But I think I'll be asleep as soon as I finish this post.
I'm exhausted.
Must be because I'm old...
ha :)

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