Our Thursday in pictures...

First, we went to our dear friend's (and matchmaker!) wedding.
Taylor was a groomsman.

After a long day filled with lots of wedding festivities, we decided to treat ourselves and go to the Chocolate (a yummy and trendy dessert place)!

Bad picture attempt above.
Better picture attempt below.

We pretty much took pictures the rest of the time while we waited for our dessert to come out.
We were giddy...and tired.

 Our posing pictures...

Taylor decided he would spell "Chocolate" in ASL. Here are the pictures documenting:

 Except...he spelled it wrong. Haha
So I told him it was my turn to sign something in a picture.
And I did this:
L for "Taylor is a loser."

Hence, the next picture Taylor took:

 Then, our dessert finally came! Wahoo!

Other than me being like a "worried mother" all day because I left my students with a substitute and then getting randomly sick at the end of the night, we had a great Thursday together.

I have so much fun with this boy every day.


  1. new dress? i like! your hair?...love!
    now i have to try to get past the stupid part of proving i'm not a robot. it is not easy. you're lucky i still comment sometimes.

  2. Thanks! Yes! It's the shabby apple dress I was telling you about. I love it. And that hairstyle is Taylor's favorite do. So I do it sometimes to keep him happy ;)