My husband is awesome.

The night before my first day of school, I briefly mentioned to Taylor that I had lost my auxiliary jack which plugs my ipod into my car.

The next morning, Taylor woke up a little earlier than regular.
When I asked him why he was up and dressed, he told me he was going over to his parents' house to wish his little sister luck on the first day of school (and to sing his traditional back-to-school song to her).
He kissed me goodbye and promised he would be back before I left, so he could do the same for me. ;)

When he came back, he handed me a wal-mart back.
Can you guess what was in there?
That's right.
A new auxiliary jack.
So that I wouldn't have to make the 20 minute commute on my first day without the comforts of my music.

You'd think I would stop being so surprised at the amazing things this boy does for me.
I was just so shocked that he even thought to get up early and go buy it for me.
When I hardly mentioned it the day before.

That boy?  He's an absolute gem.

Thanks, babe!
You are the best!

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