Convention TIme

It's convention time at doTERRA.
Which means: 
A. Absolutely zero free time.
B. I never see my husband. :(
C. I get to party in Salt Lake City! (with zero-free time...ha)

Since I'm still on the pay-roll for doTERRA, I offered to work at convention this year.
I figured since Taylor would be there all week anyways, it was the only way I'd be able to see him.
 Plus, doTERRA conventions are always a blast.

Anyways...blogs will probably be non-existent.
Any free time I have, I will try to find and stalk Taylor at the convention center.
Because it's the only way I'll get to see him.
(Taylor is kind of a big deal at these things...)

For example:
Yesterday, I woke up and left for work before 7am.
Taylor was still in bed.
By the time I arrived home at 7pm, Taylor had just finished school and was on his way back to work.
And...he didn't come home until 4:30am.

And my schedule will look like this for the next few days:
Teaching from 7am-3:30pm.
Drive to Salt Lake.
Work at the Convention from 4pm-late.
Try to stay awake for Taylor to come back to the hotel.
Give up and fall asleep at about 1am.
Wake back up when he comes in at 4 or 5am.
Quick kiss, hello, and back to sleep.
Then up to do it all over again at 5:45.

I'm actually not complaining. It will be super fun.  I love all of the doTERRA people.
Just wish me luck for stalking out my husband at the huge convention center to steal quick kisses here and there ;)

Adios for now!

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