Good morning, Mr. Cop.

A milestone in my life today:
I got pulled over for the first time ever.
And...I got my first ticket ever.

I was a tad speedy on my way to work this morning.
And the best (worst) part?
I was going 80...in a construction zone! -_-
And I'm usually so careful in those!
I didn't even realize how fast I was going...
One moment I was listening to the news on Libya, and the next moment, there were flashing lights behind me.

But Mr. Cop man was so nice!
He asked me where I was in a hurry to so early in the morning.
When I told him I was going to work, he asked me where I worked.
And when I told him I was a teacher, he immediately sympathized a little. ha.

He told me he would see what he could do for me.
Then he came back with a ticket. Dang it.
But...there was some good news.
He told me he lowered my speed to 70. 
And he didn't mark it as a construction zone.
So no double fines!
I couldn't believe it!

I definitely deserved the ticket.
And didn't even deserve the slack he cut me.
But I was so grateful.
Guess I can't be too mad about the ticket. :)

Dear Mr. Cop: Thanks again!

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  1. Flashing cop car lights are the worst. I've seen them many times on my commute via I-15 but somehow I get lucky and they whiz past me and go for someone else. Sorry it was you today! Gotta love all that dang road construction.