The Cat Lady

On our date night last night, Taylor and I pulled up behind a special car.
Meet Cat Lady's car (we took the privilege to name her):

So first, we saw the decal on her windshield. And we both kind of chuckled.
Then...we saw her license plate...kitty paw frame and all. And then we could NOT stop laughing.
 I tried getting pictures of her car while we were stopped behind her.  But the pictures weren't very clear. So we resorted to stalking her.  We followed her to a store and when she got out and parked, I jumped out and snapped the pictures, while Taylor served as the get-away-driver.
We just couldn't help ourselves.  We had to document this wonderful memory.

Dear life: Even when you throw me a hard week, you know how to make me feel better with something as simple as this. 
Dear Cat Lady: Thanks for being YOU.

Date night was the best.  Thanks to Cat Lady, stalking, and feeling like Michael Weston and Fi for a few minutes. ;)

Loving this weekend already!

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