Our perfect date.

On Saturday night, Taylor and I had such a fun date night.
It was completely spontaneous, but perfect in every way.
It all started with this picture. I was proud of both of our shoe choices for the night. 

After a long day of boating, we were hungry for some good food.
So, we decided to go to Malawis (a pizza place).  
But it was extremely crowded, and our hungry stomachs couldn't wait.
Strike one.
We decided we would go to a small sandwich shop instead.
When we got there, we found out that it is only open for lunch. 
Strike two.
Finally, we decided to go to Noodles and Company.
There was no wait, and it was open.
Third times a charm!

The food was yummy and we enjoyed just being with each other.
After dinner, we decided to check out the Chalk festival at the Riverwoods.
We got to see amazing pieces of art...all done with chalk! Amazing!

It was such a fun event!
Taylor and I love the feel of the Riverwoods.  We love just taking strolls there in the evenings.  Let me give you a small glimpse as to why we love it:

Blurry picture...but, it's always lit up beautifully, and there is always something fun going on.

Since it was a chalk festival, kids were drawing with chalk all over.  Taylor laughed at me as I asked a little boy if I could borrow his piece of chalk for two seconds, so I could draw this:
I wanted to leave a Gilbert mark along with everyone else's. :)

Then, we decided to top off the night with a chocolate molten cake at chilis.
Our favorite!
It was a 20 minute wait...just for dessert.
But it was so worth it.

We loved every second of our night together.
I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.

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