Cuddling in a storm

Saturday night at around 4am,  I woke up to the sound of rain outside of our bedroom window.
I absolutely love rain, so it was a treat to drift back to sleep to the sound of it.

Then, both Taylor and I were startled awake when thunder shook the whole house!
Our window shook so violently, I thought it would break!
Taylor scooted closer to me and held me in his arms as we lay awake listening to the sound of rain and thunder through our open window.

Every few seconds, the lightening would light up our whole room.
I've never experienced anything quite like that.  
The thunder and lightening were so close!

Everyone was talking about the storm the next morning.
Some talked about how frightened they were, others said they were annoyed that they were woken up.
 But me?
I loved every second.

I loved having the small opportunity to lay in my husband's arms and once again realize how grateful I am that I get to be with him for eternity!
And how lucky I am to sleep next to him every night.
I was absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude.

And I still am.

Life, you are wonderful.

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