The day I got two tickets...

The first ticket I have ever gotten in my life?
Well. On that special day, I didn't just get one ticket...
I got two.

You know the story about the first incident.
But how about the second?
Here's how it went:

I went to BYU after teaching to go and visit with my old boss, Mike.
I had told Mike that I was looking for a podium for my classroom, and he was so nice to go to the BYU surplus sale to pick one up for me!
So, after visiting with Mike, I was carrying the podium back to my car when I saw Mr. Cop man #2.
At first, I thought he was giving a ticket to the car next to me.
But as I got closer, I saw him place the ticket on my windshield.
No way...I thought.
I thought I had parked in 30 minute parking...but turns out that I was two parking slots over from the 30-minute parking zone.
So I hurried my pace and said, "Excuse me, sir, is there anyway not to get that ticket?"
He looked at my 5'1" self carrying this heavy podium, and he immediately started to chuckle.
So I continued to explain, "I had to park somewhere close to carry this thing back to my car, and I thought I was in the 30-minute parking zone!"

What I really wanted to say was, "Mr. Cop, I already got one ticket today.  My husband laughed so hard when I told him the story, because I always brag about how I have a clean record even though I drive (and park) like a maniac.  And if I had to tell him that I got not one, but TWO tickets today?  He would never, ever let me live that down! Please, Mr. Cop!"  
But I stopped short of saying all of that. And just smiled nicely at Mr. Cop #2 while I readjusted the heavy podium in my arms.

Lucky for me (and for my husband's sanity), Mr. Cop #2 was just as nice as Mr. Cop #1.
He said, "Alright...but just this one time!"
I thanked him profusely.
And then he helped me put the podium inside of my car. ;)

When I got inside of my car (after Mr. Cop #2 had driven away), I just started to laugh.
One of those, "Oh my goodness...did today really happen?" kind of a laugh.

And yes, when I told Taylor...he pretty much died of laughter.
But at least I can say that I officially only got one ticket that day ;) 

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