Vegas! Part ONE

Alrighty folks, we are back! And we had such a lovely time! Did I mention we had travel friends? We bought Fun tickets for Seth and a friend.  When Seth got home, we told him about the concert, and told him he could invite a friend to join.  Friend choice was a boy named Jordan Hall.  Wonderful choice, Seth.  We sure loved Jordan.

On the first night, we stayed in the New York New York in Vegas...beautiful room!  We spent the afternoon and evening walking the strip.  We went into a lot of stores (even the expensive ones that had socks more expensive than our rent).  Of course, we only shopped at the ones we could afford...like the world's largest H&M.  And that is NOT an exaggeration...it really is the world's largest H&M! It was a tad bit overwhelming. 

This mall was so cool!  Look at the whirlwind tornado things inside that glass tube!  Oh, p.s. if you look at the store names in the background, you can conclude this is one of the malls we didn't spend money at. ;)
Here are my two favorite items from our shopping trips:

Do you see the zebras on it?  It is even cuter on!
I will have to take a picture the first time I wear it just to prove it!

Alright, I am now a proud owner of this lovely Fossil bag. I almost died when I saw it.
And then really died when I actually BOUGHT it!! I love it so much! Between Taylor's watch fettish, and my...well, just everything fettish, we really love Fossil.
For lunch, we stopped at a Korean BBQ (all you can eat!).  Taylor ate for me and him.  The all-you-can-eat isn't the best deal for small people. ;)

Look at all of the food!
Seth and Jordo.  
We also watched the water show in Vegas.  That was splendid.

Me and my best friend :)
When the sun went down, we couldn't even tell.  Lights so bright.  Oh, how we love Vegas.  We spent the night watching people lose their money gambling, watching drunk people party, and strolling down the strip (whilst trying to avoid the many handouts).  We witnessed and overheard some humorous things, like:

Strippers and steak. Steak and strippers. Nothing better in the world than steak and strippers.

That one made us all chuckle. :)

Or how about:
I am so mad at myself. I am so drunk that I can't even see the other side of the street. ARGHHH! I am so stupid! I am so drunk! I am so drunk! AHHHHHH!!
(for the full effect, please insert random swear words about every other word).

While getting off of the elevator at the New York New York, the guy riding the elevator with us (obviously a little tipsy) gave Jordan's butt a nice smack.  That had us all laughing, too.

Oh, Vegas.  We do enjoy you.

This guy on the strip forced these wristbands on us.  He tried to convince us to go to a party held in the Monte Cristo.  But of course, none of us were interested since none of us drink.  I think he had a hard time conceiving how four people in their early twenties were not intrigued when he used his "very best lines" about drinks, girls, and dancing.  Sorry, worker man!
A little blurry, but here's me and TayRay on the strip!
Part 2, which includes the wonders of the Fun concert, and the drive home (funny stories go with this post) will be posted tomorrow! Look forward to it!

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