A post about Miss Kelsey Briggs

Taylor and I have been looking forward to this week for quite some time!  Why? On Wednesday night, we got to pick up this darling girl (who happens to be our very best friend) from the airport:

Meet Kelsey Briggs. She was flying in from LONDON...she just finished her study abroad there!  And we missed her so very much!  

Kelsey's flight got delayed two hours (poor girl, she was traveling for over 27 hours!), so we didn't pick her up until 1:30 in the morning!  But it was worth every minute of lost sleep. :) I pretty much died of excitement when I saw her in the airport!

We even got to spend all of Thursday with her until her flight back home to Oregon this morning.  I miss her already, and can't wait until she's back in Utah for school, come August.  

Hoorah for wonderful friendships, and beautiful people like Kelsey Briggs.

Highlight of my Friday so far? (spoil alert: mushiness ahead...) Taylor left early this morning to go and play basketball.  I was still asleep when he came home and started to get ready.  When he came back into our bedroom, I asked him if he would come lay with me for a little bit longer.  He cuddled up right next to me, kissed my shoulder, and held me as he told me a story while I drifted back to sleep. Ah, I love this boy. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend: work party tonight, baby shower tomorrow morning, and Parade of Homes tomorrow afternoon!  Great posts are in store!  

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