Remember how I talked about the Mongolian BBQ Taylor and I went to on Friday? And remember how I said that I couldn't wait to go again?  Well, we went...again.  Here's what happened:

The past couple of weeks, Taylor has been having some strange chest/heart pains, among some other bizarre symptoms.  I finally decided to take charge, and scheduled a doctor's appointment for him.  He complained to me about it all weekend, and tried convincing me that he didn't need to go and see a doctor.  He told me he was perfectly healthy (which I responded with, "Then go and have your doctor tell you that, and I hope you prove me wrong!") and going to a doctor's appointment was silly.  

I jokingly diagnosed him with Angina (a heart condition, pronounced 'an-gyna'...which is what makes it so funny), which quickly turned into Mangina (thanks to Seth).  Taylor's Mangina has been the ongoing joke of the past few days.  Every time Seth sees him, he's sure to ask Taylor how his "Mangina" is doing. Ha.  Or, anytime Taylor does something wrong, drops something, or stumbles on his words, we quickly tell him, "Don't worry. It's just because of your Mangina."

Anyways, so of course, Taylor continued to complain all yesterday leading up to his afternoon appointment.  But I just stuck firm and continued to say, "We've got to get your Mangina checked by a doctor!"  

Taylor finally told me, "Okay, I will go to the doctor's happily if we can go to Mongolian BBQ tonight."
Done and done.

Even after that deal though, he still wasn't very happy about it...but I wasn't going to challenge him, because I really wanted Mongolian BBQ ;)    

To get me back, he teased me about having a fatal heart condition for the rest of the afternoon. 

Dear husband: that wasn't funny. Even though some of your comments made me laugh...it still wasn't funny. :)

Here's some proof via our texting conversation that day (excuse our frequent misspellings...there was a time that we cared about that {like when we were dating}, but that time has long since passed):

Anyways, long story short: Taylor's Mangina is a-okay!  Thank goodness!  He was given a few medications, and it's nothing too serious.  But I think the "mangina" term will stick around for awhile longer. ;)

And then, we celebrated the end of the day at our new favorite place:

See?  He smiles even with Mangina!

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