Flagstaff, Part TWO

After a splendid night in Vegas, we were off to Flagstaff (the location of the Fun concert)!  On the drive down, Taylor turned to me and said, "I just had a sinking feeling that I scheduled our room in Flagstaff for the wrong night."  Taylor opened up his email...and, sure enough, he had scheduled our hotel room for the night before.  While Taylor sunk in despair, I couldn't help but laugh.  Come what may, and love it, right?

The part that made me laugh the most was that Taylor scheduled our hotel in Vegas and our hotel in Flagstaff in the same sitting!  How did he not notice that he scheduled two rooms for the SAME night!? It was just soooo funny. ;)

Seth and Jordan, were sleeping in the backseat during this discovery.  Taylor turned around and yelled, "Hope you like sleeping in a car...because that's where you'll be sleeping tonight!"  They were startled awake, and then we all had a good laugh about our current debacle.  What to do?  Pay for another night? Buy a tent at Walmart and sleep in the woods? Sleep in the car? Try to convince the hotel to let us stay for "free"?  I mean, we already paid for a room, right?  Then Seth had an idea: "Let's just drive the eight hours home after the concert.  We'll take shifts, and then have all of Wednesday to relax at home!"  We were sold.  Goodbye, $90 that paid for an empty hotel room!

Next up? Concert time.  I think I'll let the pictures tell the story.
First of all, we were shocked when our GPS led us here.  The concert was actually held in a stadium in the middle of the woods!  I felt like I was going to camp or something...haha. 
We were so excited!!

We couldn't believe how close we were!  (little did we know, we would
 be pushed up to the very FRONT row!!) 
Oh, baby! 
Look at how close we were! Amazing!

I love you, Nate! 

Alright, this video has awful sound quality, and all of us in the audience sound awful. BUT it still gets me excited just watching it, and remembering how amazing this concert was! Watch how close Nate gets to us!  We were so dang close!

So, Taylor had a major stomachache all day before the concert.  He was downing Pepto-bismol.  Gross.  But he was such a champ, and survived the concert.  I had to take a picture of him with his Pepto ;)
After the concert, we were all so hyped up, that driving home seemed like a breeze!  Who could be tired after a concert like that?  After a stop for food, gas, and some treats, we were off!

A picture before the all-night drive!
We decided to drive in double shifts.  The passenger (and driver, of course) would stay awake, while the two people in the backseat would sleep.  While Seth and Jordan were driving (which meant Tay and I were sleeping), we were suddenly jolted awake by Seth screaming, "Oh my gosh!" Jordan slammed on the breaks, and then...BAM!

I woke up thinking, "This is it.  This is how I'm going to die." ...dramatic? Yes.  Because, folks, we did not die.
"What just happened!?"  Taylor asked frantically.
"We just hit a gigantic bird!" Jordan answered.  I think we were all a little shaky at this point.
Seth: "What the heck is a dumb bird doing up at four in the morning?  Doesn't he know it's time to be sleeping!? What a stupid bird!"  The funniest part of this statement is that Seth was legitimately upset that the bird was not sleeping at four AM.
Taylor: "Well, maybe it wasn't a bird..."
Seth: "What? Oh no...what if it was our guardian angel!"  He then bowed his head, "Dear God, if we just killed our guardian angel, can you send us another one?  And please send us one that is a little smarter and won't fly in front of the car and get killed.  Thank you for your consideration." I don't know how he does this all with a straight face.
We all couldn't help but laugh.  And we were all now fully awake at four in the morning.  We arrived home safely (but exhausted!).

Even though this trip was short, it was worth every minute (and every lost dollar!).  We had so much fun!


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