Another one to the mix!

I have been so excited about this post! Congratulations to my sister Laurin Woodland for bringing her third baby to the world!  Little Nathan was born on Monday, June 4.  He is so darling!  I can't wait to meet and hold  little Nate!  

Here are the pictures I've been staring at all week!

My beautiful Mom with grandchild #3!
Big brother Max with little brother Nate.
Big sister Emma with little brother Nate.
Laurin told us that while Emma was holding Nate, she said: "Hi, Nathan.  I'm Emma.  I'm your favorite sister." :)
The three Woodland littles.
 I cannot wait to meet little Nathan!  Unfortunately, they live in Kansas now, so Taylor and I will have to make a special trip to see the Woodland family.

You know what else I can't wait for?  For Taylor and I to start our own family one day.  We talk about it frequently and get giddy over just the thought of it. But for now, we cherish and treasure the little ones around us that aren't our own.  Like these Woodland littles.  How we love them.  Families are what life is all about.  How can you doubt that when looking at these precious pictures?
Congrats Woodland family!

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