After the announcement about the individual mandate yesterday, I was absolutely glued to the tv/radio/computer all day.  I have an absolute passion for politics and history (hence becoming a history/government teacher), so yesterday was like Christmas to me because of all of the political hype. It is going to be so fascinating to see what will happen with Obamacare and how it will affect the 2012 elections.

Taylor kept giving me weird looks last night.  I had my earplugs in as I watched the news on my mac, and every few minutes I would randomly clap, cheer at the screen, yell at the screen, make an excited noise, make an angry noise.  I guess that was probably where the weird looks were stemming from.  Regardless, yesterday was awesome.  And today is just as exciting.

Sorry, I know this is probably boring for most (which is why I did not include opinions/facts/etc), but I am completely obsessed and glued to the news right now.

Okay, moving on.  When Marci and I went to Parade of Homes last weekend, we saw this in one of the  houses:

A reading nook for children!  Isn't it adorable?  It was at the end of the hall, next to all of the children's rooms.  I am definitely going to have one of these in my future house.  Taylor and I both love to read (in fact, Taylor is never not reading a new book), so we hope our kids will love to read as well...and if they don't...well, we will force the little brats to read anyways. ;) Kidding...kind of.

I am excited its FRIDAY.  This weekend is going to consist of some awesome/relaxing things.  Looking forward to it.

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