Mrs. Gilbert

It's starting to feel real!  I got an email today telling me which classes I will be teaching come August.  I will be teaching:
4 World Civilization classes (with a mix of geography!)
2 U.S. History classes
4 semesters of Government

This means I will be teaching a good mix of all grades (9-12)! I'm excited for that!  I am a little nervous about the World Civilizations (since I never took a class like that in high school), but I am excited to figure it all out.  And, I'm pumped about the Government and U.S. History classes! Dream!  I will have a blast with the Government classes during the first semesters because of the 2012 Presidential Election.  Any ideas on how to make that great?  I've got a few swimming in my own head right now, but I'd love to hear more ideas!

I'm also looking for ideas for the first day of school.  I'm still having a hard time deciding what I will do. Ideas?

I am still sometimes surprised when I think of the career choice I ended up deciding.  Considering, I was convinced I wanted to be a family practice doctor all of my life.  I worked so hard in high school and even started college early to start on the path of becoming a doctor. Oh, being a doctor is still a dream of mine.  But, I realized that I was so obsessed and in love with the idea, that other realities and dreams were being pushed to the side (like getting married, having children, raising a family).  As hard as it was to let that dream go, I know that I will be able to focus on much more important (and eternal!) dreams with my new career choice.  

And I am more pumped than ever!
It's getting real!  I'm a teacher! So excited!
Just 2 more months and I'll be in the classroom with some awesome kids.
Can't wait.

Hoorah for graduating and starting real life!

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