Just how we do it.

During our lunch breaks yesterday, Taylor and I decided to go home to eat. But when we got there, we realized we didn't really have any food (yesterday was grocery-shopping day...and it was much needed).  I (kind of) jokingly said, "I just feel like making cookie dough, and eating that for lunch."
Without hesitation, Taylor looked at me, gave me an emphatic nod, and said, "Let's do it."
And that's how it happened.  
We, twenty-something-year-olds, sat in our kitchen and ate cookie dough for lunch.
It was awesome.
And so yum!


 I already know that I will willingly succumb to my children any time they ask for cookie dough.
My absolute favorite!

Oh, and if you love little kids and need a quick laugh, check this out.
My sister's blog on funny things her kids say.
Max is 2. Emma is almost 4.
Maybe I laugh just because the littles are my niece and nephew, but I think the
average person would at least crack a smile.

This is probably my favorite one:

emma asked me to teach her how to bake a pretend cake, so i was giving her instructions like "get a bowl. now pour the cake mix in the bowl. now add an egg." etc. after she had frosted her pretend cake, i told her she could eat it.
emma: actually mom, it's for my kids.
me: oh. well your kids can eat it then.
emma: they're not here right now, they're at the store. but we need to make another cake.
me: why?
emma: because i have a lot of kids.
me: how many kids do you have?
emma: 15.
me: oh. that is a lot. what are you going to do with 15 kids?
emma: feed them cake.
makes sense.

Give the blog a read if you want!
Enjoy your Wednesday!

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