Baby Wallace + Weekend

This last weekend was so jam-packed, I hardly got a second to sit down and breathe!  

On Friday night, Tay and I went to a work party for doTERRA.  We got to do fun things like this:
Yep, that's my husband....
And take fun pictures like this:

After the work party, I stayed up all night preparing for sister's baby shower--baking cakes, other goodies, and making decorations.  Marci is the best party-planner--she always has creative and cutesy ideas.  So, I really wanted to make this shower perfect for her.  She's thrown me so many different parties (surprise 16th birthday party, numerous other birthday parties, bridal shower, + more!), so it was my turn to make a great memory for her.  I finally went to sleep at around 3am on Friday night...but I could hardly sleep because my mind was racing with everything I still had to do.  So I was up again three hours later at 6am.  I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out (thank you pinterest, blogs, and other internet sites!).  A big thanks to my dearest sister-in-law, Rachel, who helped plan everything! Here are some pictures of Marci's & Baby Wallace's shower:

Treats table.  Notice...blue candy, blue PRETZELS (so proud of that find), handmade banner, marshmallow rattles, and my favorite: the cake! (Oh, and the cute little baby blocks!)
Close up of edible rattles!
Close up of shirley temples (with floating ducks that decided not to float half-way through the shower)
Food table. Yummy chicken-salad croissants, baby=fruit (look closely), and yummy shirley temples!
Close up of baby fruit! (notice binky!) Thank you, Pinterest, and Rachel for doing it ;) 
Front door.
Some of the guests!
Close up of the cake! (Three layers with blue frosting on the inside!)
Gift table...as seen from the baby blocks.

One of the games we played was a "memory" game.  If you matched the words (all pregnancy related words) then you would get a candy bar that related to the word.  Here are some of the examples:
Preemie= Runts candy
OBGYN= Butterfinger ;)
Daddy= Pop Rocks
Conception = Skor  (score!) candy bar ;)
Contractions = Whoppers
Ultrasound= Look candy bar
etc, etc, etc.
If you would like to see the whole list, let me know!

Here's what the game looked like.
The rest of the weekend consisted of: Parade of Homes with Marci (so fun!), deep-dish Chicago pizza with the Utah sibs+spouses, and of couse, Father's Day!  I was so sad that I couldn't actually talk to my Dad on Father's Day (him and Mama are on an Alaskan cruise as we speak! Lucky ducks...). Regardless, Happy Father's Day to both my wonderful daddy and my amazing Father-in-Law!

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  1. Kelsi! This is Abbie T. at doTERRA. :) I am throwing a shower for my sister too, so I'd LOVE the full list of the matching game you did. Just shoot it to my work email if you could. You rock! This party looks amazing and has given me lots of ideas :)