No rhyme or reason

This weekend was wonderfully relaxing.  Taylor and I were able to spend a lot of time together cuddling, watching Netflix, eating good food, and being with family.   Last night, we went spent time with Marci and Tom (sister and brother-in-law).  We ate a yummy dinner (thanks, Marce!), played games, and had yummy ice-cream/cookie sandwiches. Yum.

The pictures (and video) associated with this post are a little random.  But, please enjoy nonetheless.

Taylor was craving Mongolian BBQ on Friday.  So we left work an hour early and went to fulfill his cravings.  It was so delish.  I'm already wanting to go back! It was an all-you-can eat again, so once again, I was done after one plate, while Taylor had about five more after that.

Oh hey, remember that picture I promised?  Here is the dress on:
Creepy eyes...but I'm loving this fun zebra dress.
I found this video on Taylor's ipod.  It was the first time I had ever seen it, and it made me giggle a little.  This was actually the same day that we got ENGAGED.   I'm excited to tell that story soon.  With all of its glorious little details.  What do you think? 
Anyways, background on the video: I was smelling some perfumes at Bath&Body Works.  I ran out of room to spray them on my arms, so this is what I resorted to.  Apparently, Taylor thought it was funny enough to video.

This is going to be a busy week for me.  I'm hosting dear sister's baby shower this weekend, so lots of preparing this week! I am excited!
 Enjoy your Monday! 

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